Stop Feeling Like Crap and Start Feeling Great

Feel_Good_NowI think a lot about who I am and what my mission is, and something hit me this morning while I was running on the treadmill. I am a person who feels great every day and I know why—because I practice it, and I want everyone in the world to do the same. It’s all about using your time wisely.

For example, when I am running on the treadmill, rather than mindlessly watching the television screen that is attached to the treadmill or listening to music, I close my eyes about halfway and focus my attention on my thoughts and feelings. I visualize my goals and aspirations. During these “hypno-runs,” I focus on the good things in life. I give thanks for all that I am blessed with and I visualize a great future. The treadmill isn’t the only place where I practice this. I practice this mindfulness while I’m driving. I practice it when I take a break at work. I practice it whenever I have downtime, and I’ve been doing it for years.

The fact is, you too can feel great every day, but you don’t because no one has ever taught you how.  I’m going to teach you how, because feeling great is the key to success—period. Once you conquer you, you will start to conquer everything in your life, including your relationships, your job, and your future.

Here’s where I want you to begin. Start by becoming aware of your inner voice, those inner conversations you have with yourself every day. This self-talk is something we all do all day long. When you practice tuning-in to your self-talk, the way that I do when I’m in the car or on the treadmill, you will quickly notice that most of your self-talk is, well, crap. It is filled with fear, worry and doubt, because that is what you have been exposing yourself to. The only way to change this negative mental program is by becoming aware of it. Then you can begin the changeover process toward creating thoughts that are more positive and inspiring. You will become the captain of your own vessel.

Start thinking about everything in life that you are grateful for. Do you have your health? Is your family healthy? Do you have a job? Do you have food and water?  Do you have a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head? Think about all of the wonderful things that lay ahead. Direct your thoughts towards the things that you want, the things you like, and the things you are passionate about.

Think about it for a moment: if the inner conversations you have with yourself are positive and encouraging, don’t you think your emotions will correspond to those thoughts? Of course they will! Take a guess as to what happens when your emotions are positive and encouraging. You become motivated and confident. You start to feel great. Can you see the cycle? Stop the worrying and start taking control of your thoughts. Do this every day for a month and check back with me. I guarantee you will be a different person.

Here’s a self-hypnosis/mediation audio file that can get you started.



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