Tom Kersting is a sought after speaker, nationally renowned psychotherapist, author, and television personality. He is the co-host of two former A&E Network television series, Surviving Marriage and Monster-In-Laws and is a regular contributor for Fox News. He appears frequently on the most popular talk shows and news shows offering insight and advice about parenting, relationships and wellness. Tom has also hosted shows for National Geographic Channel, Food Network and Oprah’s Wellness Network.

Tom is available to speak to news outlets, corporations, schools, PTA events, parent groups, and organizations. To download Tom’s one-sheet, click HERE.

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Digitally Distracted Lecture

Tom’s been getting more calls at his private practice than ever before from parents whose children are suffering from anxiety, depression and behavioral issues. And he’s uncovered the reason behind the fragility of today’s kids. The average kid today spends more than eight hours per day, seven days a week plugged-in to electronic devices. The result is a malleable brain that has literally been re-wired (its’ called neuro-plasticity) to assimilate well in a virtual-world but not so well in the real world. Kids brains are simply unable to cope with “real-life” issues and the result is chronic anxiety, attention deficit disorder, depression, poor social skills, academic failure and family relationship problems.

This extraordinary lecture is an eye-opener for anyone who attends and will include tips to help kids, and parents, start living more in the real world and less in the virtual world. This lecture will cover real cases Tom has dealt with as well as the following topics:

◾The connection between media use and mental health
◾How much screen time is too much
◾The frightening link between ADHD and tech overload
◾Strategies to help your child reduce anxiety
◾Your sleep deprived, over-scheduled child
◾Creating leaders not followers
◾Your role as a parent

………… And much more!!

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To download Tom’s one-sheet, click HERE.