Find your flame

A good friend of mine texted me earlier to tell some exciting news.  About 2 years ago Bob embarked on a new, creative business venture – building wedding cake stands.  These things are incredible.  Go to and check these babies out.  Bob has connected with some of the most influential wedding planners, cake makers etc. in the field.  Now for the news:  One of Bob’s cake stands appeared this morning on Martha Stewart’s show called The Home Show. Congratulations Bob!

The reason I’m writing about this is because Bob is an example of someone who found a burning passion for something and ran with it.  Bob  told me that in the last two years he has never had so much excitement in his life.  He has literally found his internal flame.  And I believe that when we find our own  flame and embrace it, an inferno will erupt.  Only good will come.

A Nice Gesture

I started going to this brand new gym that opened about a month ago.  When you’re there very early in the morning, you see a handful of the same early birds just about every day.  There’s this one guy that I see a few times a week and we typically crack a little smile towards one another or a little “hi you doing.”  This morning, the guy walked over to me, put out his hand and said, “I’d like to introduce myself; I’m Larry.”  I shook his hand, introduced myself and felt really good about it.  Why?  Because feel that kindness and  old fashioned social interaction is no longer commonplace.  Whenever I’m in the city, I’ll walk past hundreds of people and not one will dare to make eye contact.  I don’t know if it’s fear or narcissism.  Whatever it is I don’t like it very much.

Remember folks we are all human beings and human’s are social creatures.  So put down the blackberry, take off the headphones and start connecting with others.  It’s quite stimulating.

Sunday Sunday

It’s Sunday morning and I’m looking forward to spending some uninterrupted time with my family.  It’s off to church in about 10 minutes, then my son, Matthew, has a birthday party  and later on will be the first travel baseball game of the year for Matthew.  I am one of the coaches and the game will take place indoors.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have anything planned for my daughter Ashlyn.  But  she is such a sweet, go-with-the-flow 4-year old that she’ll enjoy just being with us.  And that’s what it’s all about anyway;  spending quality time together.  Go out and enjoy the day and make a point to either spend some time with family or reach-out to them.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Tis The Season

Yes it is March 24th and yes we did get some snow here in New Jersey.  I heard a lot of complaining from a lot of different people about being tired of Winter etc.  And I must admit that I too have had enough of Winter; I’m ready for Spring.  This photo represents what I hope to be the last of the snow for this year.  It also represents a beautiful part of nature.

The moral of this post:  Try to see the beauty in everything you come in contact with.  Enjoy the photo.  And no I am not a professional photographer as you can see…..

More negativity being transmitted to your mind


I peeked my head up from my kindle this morning while running on the treadmill. The tv was on as usual and once again it was all doom and gloom.  This is the story of our lives and it is precisely why many of us swim in a world of negativity. It is exactly why I never ever watch tv while running.  Running is my mind time and I would never let a television strip me of that.  Do yourself a favor.  The next time your watching a show or listening to the radio, pay attention to how you feel.  If you efeel angry or sad, ask yourself:  “why am i watching this?”  Fill your mind and emotions with positive things and your life will change.  And more importantly, give yourself some mind time.

Can You Hear That?

If you want peace of mind read this. I’m getting ready to turn in for the night.  I took a moment to step outside on my deck (a little chili out and snow on the way later).  The silence was deafening and it dawned on my that I was practicing what I preach to all of my clients.  And that is to take a moment to reflect, to be present, to be aware.  Because life passes us by so quickly and we often “miss the moment.”  My moment was the smell of fresh air, the silence and the beauty that is all around.  Good night for now!

Start the morning off right

useful advice first thing in the morning:  Start Your morning off right.  I’m not talking about Maxwell House, I’m talking about exercise.  Not that there is anything wrong with a little java in the morning.  I’m in my 10th year of getting up at 5:00 A.M. to hit the gym.  People ask me, “how can you do that”?  My response: “how can you not”.  It’s kind of like having kids; you don’t realize how much you want them until you actually have them.  Ignore that comment if you have more than 2 kids under the age of 5.  Ha ha….

Yes, eventually you will get in shape so long as you stay consistent.  But more importantly, you’ll be energized, sharp, and the feel good chemicals in your brain will be dancing the way mine are right now.


Catching Up To The Times – Time To Inspire

This is my very first post in an effort to start promoting myself and give you folks some useful advice.  I’ve got a lot going on between the job at the school, my private practice, speaking engagements – and now my own reality television show.  Yes, you heard right, I will be the host/expert for a new docu-drama series that will begin airing on a major cable network this June.  All I can tell you right now is that the show is about family relationships, will be on prime-time and is being produced by one of the hottest production companies in the country.  I’ve already taped two episodes and will be doing a lot more.  More to come on this after the network has done its press release.

Useful advice before you go to bed tonight:  Right before you fall asleep, fill your mind with everything positive that you have experience todayI guarantee you will wake up in a great mood.  I know what I’ll be filling my mind with – the big, warm, loving hug and kiss that my daughter gave me when I tucked her in.

Hello World!

This is a test from my new website and blog.